U-BSOL is a cloud based SAS modal business application which provides web application, mobile apps and desktop applications for any business. It has wide range of eCommerce system, booking system, tracking system and billing system, etc…

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Additional Add-ons

U-BSOL has already lot of cool features which comes with default package as free. Based on our R & D team we are always make updates and additional features for our application easy usage. We need to provide the best solution for our merchants. Additionally we are happy to create any custom add-ons for your special needs to manage your business in more efficient way. We additionally charge the development cost for making such add-ons. Currently we have few add-ons which are under development are listed below. These can be added in your application by just paying the add-on fee as additional from your selected package.


Enquiry Module (RFQ)

This is as enquiry form which will associate in product / service detail pages. This will enable the customer for sending the enquiry based for single product or multiple products. It will establish a communication between customer and merchant and finally merchant can adjust the pricing as per the needs and initiate this as an order. Then customer can process the payment as regular order.. The features mainly useful for the Special customer / B2B related sales..


User Group & Access Roles

This module will help you manage your application operation in more efficient manner. This will enables you to create multiple user groups for your internal users (Admin users) with different access levels.


Customer Groups

This module is for organizing your customer as different groups. Such as (Family group, Coworkers, Friends, etc.) and you can set different prices on your product / service against each customer group.


Job Order / Task Management

This module suitable for the service providing business (Eg: Electronics repairing shop, Stitching Shop, Etc.). This is a task management system based on the workflow. The will enable to create internal employees and delegate them task which came from customer. Also this will help you to store your customer task information based on the job order number and automatically inform the customer about the progress of concerned task. It will act as a mini CRM.


Additional Charge / Amenities

TSome time you required to have an additional charging mechanism with product / services. Such as while purchasing a product you may require special packing , or special song to be played when delivering the gift, or special services required while booking the room (Wifi, Smoking room, Breakfast, Pool, etc). After enabling this module, your customers can select the paid additional services associated with the product, which will reflect in the product / service price.


Mailchimp & Newsletter

Mailchimp is a third party service for sending bulk emails into the customer. Your application can be integrated with Mailchimp with this module without any further coding. You just need to have the Mailchimp credentials. It will make emailing list of your newsletter subscribers. The module will help you to make newsletters and that can be shared with your subscribers.


Automated Emails

Sometime your customer may leave your application before completing the purchase. Such case this module will automatically send emails into the customer for remembering about the selected product / services on your application. Also this module automatically sends emails into your all customers about your newly arrived products, offers, promotions etc. you can setup email template and duration for this automated emails.


Loyalty Card Integration

This module allows you to create loyalty card for your loyal customer where these customers can earn points after completing each purchase. Such points can b redeems or can be used for repurchase.


Delivery Services

You can set up your own delivery services with is module. This module will enables to add you the delivery boys into your application. We will provide an additional android app for delivery boys. After adding the delivery boys in your application they will be get notified about your pending delivery through the app also it’s connected with Google GEO service.


Network Marketing Tools

U-BSOL provides wide range of network marketing associated tools. Such as Binary, Ternary, Generation etc…. it can be customized as per your business logic. You can organize your customer and distribute the rewards based on the selected business trees. Those rewards and points can be redeemed by cash or use for next purchase.


BI Tools

Our bi tools collect your application usage traffic and process the data with artificial intelligence and machine learning. This will give very clear cut business analysis report about your each product and also about your customer behavior. So that you can plan your sales campaigns without using third party services.


Advanced Billing Software

U-BSOL provides very advanced level billing software for your offline /online business. This is very user-friendly and flexible. You can easily manage your purchase, sales, inventory and associated payments. Additional you can other modules which needs for your business such as Recruitment, Timesheet management, Leave management etc.


ERP Module

One main goal is to bring your all business operation under one solution. This module will offer you a complete software solution for your entire business (Offline / Online). Its contain set of modules which are Accounting, Finance, HR, Inventory, Marketing, Procurement, Recruitment, Timesheet management, Leave management and etc. our ERP module will work as offline and online. This is software which part of U-BSOL


Rental Options

This will make you to sell you product based on duration with given price. After enabling this add-on your customer can select the purchase mode as (Purchase or Rental). After selecting the rental option, then customer has to mention the duration before Adding into the cart, the product amount will be calculated based on the selected duration.


Custom Module

U-BSOL is always ready to serve better service for our merchants. We are happy to build any custom development as per your business needs within the limited budget.