U-BSOL is a cloud based SAS modal business application which provides web application, mobile apps and desktop applications for any business. It has wide range of eCommerce system, booking system, tracking system and billing system, etc…

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U-BSOL is a cloud based SAAS modal business application which contains collection of business operations for various needs. It provides powerful e-commerce web and mobile application under your band name. So that it will help you to gain massive exposure through internet.

U-BSOL market place is a mall of U-BSOL merchant. All U-BSOL merchants will be listed arranged based on location and business categories. U-BSOL paid merchants can set offers and promotion into this market place. U-BSOL team will do the marketing campaigns, SEO and several contests to bring public customers into this portal. U-BSOL merchants will be beneficial for this entire customer.

Our Key Strengths are Work Ethics, Reliability, Timely Delivery, Customer Satisfaction, Affordable Prices and our Experienced Work force. We will deliver your needs more than your expectation. It’s our mission to provide better support and guidance to promote their business into very advanced level with the help of modern technology and latest business tools. Our business advisory team provides consultation about the latest marketing strategy and trends to be applied on the business and we will help them for the implementation. We consider our merchant success is our success and failure is ours too.

The SAS business model means selling a cloud-based software (typically accessed via web app or mobile app, but also sometimes via a desktop app) at a monthly or annual subscription fee. SAAS which stands for software as a service

Cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing services — from applications to storage and processing power — typically over the internet and on a pay-as-you-go basis.

In simplest terms, the cloud refers to the internet. When organizations store data in virtual data centers or access programs using an internet connection instead of relying on their device’s hard drive or on-premises IT infrastructure, it means they are operating in the cloud.

It allows you to set up what is essentially a virtual office to give you the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, any time. With the growing number of web-enabled devices used in today’s business environment (e.g. smartphones, tablets), access to your data is even easier.

  1. Go to the website www.u-bsol.com
  2. Choose the subscription package as per your needs
  3. Complete the registration process
  4. Review the Terms and Conditions and accept by clicking on the checkbox
  5. Hit the submit button
  6. You will be redirected into your merchant dashboard
  7. Fill your business profile
  8. Complete the payment process
  9. We will confirm the payment and start your application provisioning
  10. Our technical team will contact you to confirm about your domain name DNS updates
  11. Confirm your email by clicking the confirm button on the received email
  12. After completing the provisioning, We will send you the username and password of your store application into that email

Any business can be register into U-BSOL market place through www.ubsol-shops.com. Your application will be verified by U-BSOL team. After successfully completing the verification you will be part of U-BSOL market place. All of our paid merchants are already part of U-BSOL market place

U-BSOL market place is totally free. But there is more advantage for the paid merchants.

U-BSOL paid merchants will be always on the top of the business listing on the market place. U-BSOL paid merchants can set offers and promotions on the market place that will lead the customer into merchant’s website.

As SAAS model application, the software (application) is already installed and configured. So that it doesn’t require any further development, unless you require custom developments. Your web application will be ready within 24hous after you competing the store profile and personal profile. The mobile application will be placed into the play store within 5 days after completing the web application deployment.

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